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Police Infinity
Police Infinity is a game which is being developed by Contact Studios in association with Mars Industries.

A unity multiplayer first person shooter, but not yet another

You may have heard of games like "Into the war" and may have lost faith in Early Access and multiplayer fps' in Unity3D. Let me tell you one thing, the developers of these games have.. almost done nothing. They just use so called FPS Kits and publish their games on greenlight, maybe made a few changes that breake these kits or at least make them worse. This is not what we do.
What is Police Infinity about?
In general, Police Infinity is about the typical Police & Terrorists, but we don't care as much about a good story in a multiplayer only title as we do for a good gameplay.

The Gameplay

For the gameplay, we are going for a mix of Modern FPS and a Counter Strike style of game. For game modes there will be many game modes but the focus will be on a Counter Strike style bomb mode mixed with a hostage mode with the hostages being a secondary objective. On the 17th we will release a new gameplay video. The old videos don't represent the game anymore at all.


- Deathmatch
- Conquest
- Payday
More is coming soon


We do realise many players want leveling in a multiplayer shooter and we are going to include leveling. BUT: The important equipment and guns will be unlocked from the beginning. As your level increases you will only unlock attachments, camos and skins.


For maps, we decided to go for a modern scenario that could happen in real life. That's all you need to know for the first but soon you will find out more about the maps as we publish videos & screenshots.

LevelDesign Livestream: twitch.tv/cottbus99


If you've played one of the unity games we mentioned above you will know that these have miserably netcode. This is caused to the most using a networking solution called Photon Cloud which lets the game "room" run in a cloud and have everything calculated client side. We have decided to use a very different networking solution called Bolt Networking. It allows us to have authorative servers with the "holy grail" of hit detection.